Squad is a solar-powered electric scooter-cum-car

Brings the best from both worlds

Squad Mobility

Squad, short for Solar Quadricycle, is an open-sided two-seat four-wheel electric crossover between a scooter and a car. Electric because it runs on rechargeable batteries, and solar since those batteries can also be charged via the natural energy of the sun through the plates on the roof of the vehicle, apart from the usual electric sockets.

Squad design

Squad Mobility

The electric vehicle is 2 meters long. It falls under Europe’s L6e light quadricycle category of vehicles. The maximum attainable speed is just 45 km/h. The two side-by-side seats come with seat belts for safety. There is also an option to add a storage trunk in the back.

Squad Mobility

It draws its power from two 2 kW motors fitted in the rear wheels and two removable lithium-ion batteries with a total range of around 100 km per charge. The company claims that Squad can charge up to 9,000 km per year in a sunny country, which loosely translates to a usage of around 30 km or one hour per day for 300 days in a year. To put things in perspective, most vehicles in this segment clock only around two-thirds (6,000 km) the distance in a calendar year.

Squad Mobility

The standard model comes without doors or body panels on the side. Unlike a two-wheeler, it does have protection in the form of roof and windshield. Side protection covers are available as an accessory.

Squad Mobility

Squad is targeted at people living in cities who need a smaller and cheaper mobility option for daily commute to work, or as a last mile connectivity resort. It is safer and more stable than a scooter yet is a cheaper and cleaner alternative to a passenger car.

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Pricing and availability

The standard variant is priced at €5,750 ($6,325 approx.) and is available for pre-order for €500. The early-bird signature version is available for pre-order for €5,000 and is priced at €6,500 ($7,150 approx.). Monthly subscription model for the Squad will be available next year onwards at the price of around €100 per month.

The deliveries for the European Union are scheduled to begin in 2021.

Since the batteries on the Squad are swappable, one can always keep a spare for emergencies. Each battery pack is priced at €1,450 ($1,600 approx.).


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