Volkswagen Golf Mk8 with vehicle-to-anything communication announced

Ten different variants are announced

Volkswagen Golf Mk8; Volkswagen

Volkswagen has announced the eight-generation of their most popular car model, the Volkswagen Golf Mk8. Major feature includes a lot of power-train options (which is borderline confusing), touch-sensitive controls, and a vehicle-to-anything communication system.


Volkswagen Golf Mk8 variants

There is a total of ten options to choose from (is it a good thing or bad? You decide).

Mild-hybrid options

The manufacturer offers three mild hybrid variants based on the TSI engine (termed eTSI, no innovation there), meaning the vehicle can run on both petrol and electricity. With around 10 percent reduction in fuel consumption, these variants will produce an output of 108, 128, and 148 horsepower.

Plug-in hybrid options

There are two plug-in hybrid variants. With a 13-kWh battery, the all-electric range is around 60 km. The basic version will equal 200 horses, while the sporty GTE variant will produce 242 horsepower.

Traditional fuel options

There are two four-cylinder petrol variants (TSI engine) – 89 and 108 horsepower.

There are two four-cylinder, twin-catalyzed diesel options (TDI engine) – 113 and 148 horsepower.

Finally, there is a natural gas variant (TGI engine) producing 128 horsepower output.

There is no fully electric variant. Not yet, at least.


Volkswagen Golf Mk8 interiors


The dashboard is redesigned to adapt to the digital lifestyle. Almost everything is touch sensitive, be it the display, buttons, or sliders. There are a few physical buttons too. A voice-based assistant is also available. There is in-car internet, and LED-based ambient lighting.

Vehicle-to-anything (V2X) communication


The 2020 Golf will come with V2X communication built-in as a standard. The manufacturer is calling it the Car2X swarm intelligence system. The technology uses WiFi to communicate with other vehicles and infrastructure (traffic lights, for instance) available in the range of up to 800 meters. The system can then transfer and receive useful information relating to collision warnings, traffic situations, etc., thus helping human drivers or cruise control mechanism to adapt accordingly.

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Quoting Ralf Brandstätter, Chief Operating Officer, Volkswagen Passenger Cars,

“This car is completely new. But of course, a Golf always remains a Golf. Because the underlying concept is timeless. This car has defined our brand over decades. The Golf has consistently made new technologies available for everyone.”

Volkswagen Golf Mk8 pricing and availability

The car is expected to come to the European market sometime next year. No pricing details have been revealed yet.


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