Rain Will Come by Thomas Holgate review: debut done right

Garg Ankit, Scribbes

“Rain Will Come” by Thomas Holgate is a fast-paced crime thriller novel. It cannot be dubbed under the mystery genre because it is not a whodunnit. Instead, it is about how the infamous detective, our protagonist, catches up with the serial killer who is committing murders all over the country.

Clichéd prose with a sense of thrill

Figuratively speaking, it is a run-of-the-mill cat and mouse story, but with encounters between the participants that keep happening throughout the race. These meetings are nicely depicted and add a sense of thrill to the otherwise clichéd prose.

Excellent character build-up

The character build-up is excellent. Both the protagonist and the antagonist are shown in good as well as bad light, with their vices and their virtues, yin and yang. As a reader, I found myself rooting for the antagonist to achieve what he wanted, even though it was clear who was supposed to win the race ultimately.

I liked how his intuition guides the protagonist time-and-again to point in the right direction. Although I did expect the author to give a rational explanation behind it, to make it more believable.

Is it the start of a series?

I would like to congratulate the author for his debut book. Also, I am pretty sure a Detective Paul Czarcik series can easily be formulated out of this. Hoping to hear the announcement to the sequel soon.

Quotes worth mentioning

On the infamous religion vs humanity debate:

“Devote yourself not to Jesus, but to your fellow man.”

On the stability of human nature:

“All of us are virtually powerless to change our natures. We can pretend anything we want, but in the end, we are who we are.”

Warning: The prose contains a lot of violent and descriptively gruesome scenes. So, if you are not up for that kind of thing, you might want to give this one a pass.

Disclaimer: Thanks to the author (Thomas Holgate) and the publisher (Thomas & Mercer) for the e-ARC.

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