Bigg Boss 13: Dalljiet Kaur lashes out at Siddharth Dey for dragging Jaydon’s name in fight

Bigg Boss 13 contestant Siddharth Dey, who was recently in a fight with all the other contestants of the house, is left with very few friends. However, in yesterday’s episode, he tried to equate his situation with Dalljiet Kaur’s son Jaydon’s, asking her how she would feel if this happened to him?
What we saw next was surprising to all, but in a good way! We saw a mother rising to protect her baby. The otherwise calm and composed Dalljiet, lost her temper and asked Siddharth to never mention her son again!
It seems that her fans supported her move too and she even trended on Twitter for a long time after the episode was aired.
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