Fit India Movement: TV actors talk about staying fit in no-gym areas


Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently launched the Fit India Movement recently in New Delhi on the occasion of National Sports Day. The Prime Minister urged the people of the country to make fitness their life style as an initiative to inculcate the idea of being fit in citizens. TV actors talk about how they keep fit when they on outdoor shoots or holidays with no access to gyms.

Mreenal Deshraj

The launch of Fit India movement is a great initiative for our future generations to take up some form of physical exercise and stay fit. I wish for everyone to take this movement seriously and make their life much fitter. When I am working and don’t have time to go to the gym, I usually workout at home. I try to do at least 30-45 minute of an intense workout. Whereas when we are shooting outdoor or on a holiday, I take care of my diet and try to do some kind of physical exercise.

Arif Zakaria

Fitness doesn’t need a gym or an expansive space. The world is tailored to walk, run or sit on a mat and pontificate. I try and do all of this when I travel. Of course, I also try to find a tennis court to play.

Zuber K. Khan

Before becoming an actor, I was into fitness from my school days. Initially, I use to play cricket. I have played district level cricket from Madhya Pradesh team so I was fit then. Now, as an actor I always try to manage my day and schedule it accordingly. I swim and go to the gym daily at least 6 days a week. Fitness is the one thing which gives me high in life. I always say that eat, sleep, shoot workout and repeat. And if I’m on outdoor shoots and not being able to workout, I try to run and do parkour workouts outdoor. Even when I am on holidays, I try to work out then as well. So basically I never skip my workout.

Amal Sehrawat

Fitness is just not for actors and that’s what honourable prime minister is trying to convey. Every single person must dedicate a minimum of 15 minutes towards health every day. Health is the only wealth we don’t value. Personally, I don’t like gymming though I have to hit the gym for the sake of my packs! I love running on the beach or gardens. I prefer the stairs over the lift. During my outdoor shoots, I stay outdoors. Period!

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Ira Sone 

I think the country is really growing and you know it when a movement like Fit India is introduced. To me, it’s very important to see that everybody in the country is healthy and happy, that’s the true success of a country to me. By launching the fit India movement, Mr Modi has yet again proved that he is a man with a mission, change and he is here to stay. Which is why he is so loved and appreciated by the youth. Fit India is one of the best movements started so far. I have a love-hate relationship with fitness and diet. I love to eat as I am a foodie but I also love to hit the gym , to get results you need to balance both. I keep struggling every now and then with it. On days when I can’t hit the gym, I make sure to control what I eat and try to walk after all meals. But as an actor, I need to be fit so that I can work for 12 hours. Overall being fit is really important. It’s not about being in shape and I am not really a fan of that. It’s just about how fit you are, it’s not about my size. it never was and it never will be.

Jasmin Bhasin

I do Yoga and a little bit of cardio to keep myself fit because it’s very important for me to feel healthy from the inside.

Ankit Bathla

It’s a very interesting story, when I can’t go to the gym, my trainer comes on the set and we work out with the weights of the crane. A thera band is a very good alternative to gyming. I also believe that there are so many functional activities that can be done without a gym… abs, burpees and the best is our Indian Surya Namaskar, nothing is better than it. If you are able to do 100 Surya namaskars, it’s amazing because it pumps up every muscle. So that’s my fitness routine. I am very happy that Modi has launched the Fit India Movement, there are so many small parks which are created which have a lot of equipment, which people can use and be fit. Fitness is very important because when you are fit, your mind is fit and if your mind is fit, of course it leads to progress and a great thought process.

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Ansh Bagri 

Fit India is a great initiative and I think it’s not about being an actor, as a human, we need to respect and take care of our body. If our body is fit, we are healthy. Our lifestyle today is not that good, we don’t take care of our food habits. There is a lot of pollution in food and water and we eat and drink that. So, we need to be very careful about what we eat and we have to be very cautious about our physical activities. I go to gym but when I miss it, I make sure I walk a lot. I try to be active. I love walking and running, so whenever I skip the gym, I do that. I avoid unhealthy food. These things should be followed by everyone and not only actors. Fit India is a very good movement because ‘Jaan hai toh Jahan Hai’. If we stay fit, we can work for a long time and stay away from diseases.

Malhar Pandya 

First of all, I would like to thank Modi sir, it was really needed. There is a difference between being fit and looking fit, people misunderstand that. Being fit is all about how good your cardio activities are, your strength, flexibility etc. It doesn’t matter that one has a six-pack or not. You can be fit with Yoga and a good diet. As an actor, if I say fitness is very important to me, it doesn’t mean that I have to be muscular. It’s good to be lean because as an actor you can fit in any role or clothes. Even if I would have not been an actor, I would have been fit. When I go outdoors for a shoot, there are certain kinds of exercises which can be done there itself, which don’t not need a gym, so I do those. By nature, I am like a monkey, I like jumping here and there. So even when I am shooting outdoor or holidaying, my workout never stops!

Shridhar Watsar 

I really appreciate this movement started by Modi ji. As actors, we have to be fit physically and mentally. I manage to do cardio, just normal walk or jog for 45 to 1 hr daily during my shoot days. It keeps me fresh all day and I feel healthy as well.



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