Vinay Jaiswal: Making ads is challenging yet interesting


Ads may air for not more than 30 seconds but making them is no cakewalk. Director Vinay Jaiswal, who debuted as an actor with Cheetiyaan, has directed a lot of ads in his career and says that the process is totally different from films. “The advertising film world is totally different from the feature film world. In advertising, films are sold first and then made later, so it’s a service and here films are made first and then sold later- a product. The game is the opposite. What seems to be changing in advertising is the power of the digital platform and its impact. The quality of stories and scripts are going down the drain,” he says.

Vinay says that direction needs to be powerful for a story to make an impact in such a short time. “The director must be very strong in his craft of storytelling, technique and so many things! It’s very challenging and thus extremely interesting,” he says.

Ask him if he wants to act in an ad film too, and he says, “Of course, I would love it provided the script is interesting and it demands a certain kind of an interesting character from me.”

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