Art and Culture too deserve a significant space in Media?

Why Media and not traditional marketing?

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Imaginative things are a very strong form of expression. Be it arts, visual creation, or an ideal reality being created for masses. Some create a magical view and some make one thinking about what life is about, what the colors say and how one can be inspired for betterment. Such is the impact of visual creation, artworks of a creative artist or human being.

India is a country with rich heritage & cultural values, inspires a huge lot of tourists and people, in general, to explore more and more with their thought process and liking. There’s a lot to experience and achieve if one wishes to explore India & Indian cultural extravaganza, an unspoken landscape of monuments, arts, nature, valleys and a lot more.

This is not just for the visitors but it also has a huge scope for an artist, a creative person, but unfortunately due to the lack of opportunities and good value the Art Scenario has seen a big drawback in recent years, at the same time Cultural extravaganza in form of Music, Dance and Theatre is getting some limelight towards survival.

Whereas the audience is in for some quality and low-cost affairs in comparison to other forms of entertainment through which cultural diversity is being presented via films, web-series, music concerts etc with western style engagement is there. Although a good sign for the people associated but the life of Art & Culture is being sidelined further and livelihood of artists & artisans are getting tougher, especially local Handicrafts, Puppet, Weavers, Artist etc are moving towards other options while some trying hard to get noticed, which is again a cause of concern.

In today’s fast-paced world of Social Media, Digital Marketing, Influential Marketing, SEO and more importantly Media plays an important role for these people, who are surviving for livelihood and can’t afford or even knows to make an impact through these mediums. Though some NGO’s and non-government groups, organizations are trying their bit, that’s not enough. So out of these mediums, Traditional Media is the only and best option for these artisans and others to make an impact and their presence felt with larger opportunities.

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How media plays an important role?

From the beginning, traditional media in form of Newspapers are being the best resource for masses to get information about various things from Political, Current Affairs, News, Sports, Entertainment and Art & Culture. With time the things have changed completely, Politics, Sports & Entertainment took the larger portion and space in sensation and news format, first-hand exclusive stories, interviews, glamorous pictorials made an impact and slowly the dedicated space to Art & Culture is affected, with the management thought process of no takers. But still, there’s a big audience for thought-provoking features, information on these cultural extravaganzas and deep insight on the happenings around.

It’s not that it has completely died but been affected for sure and made artists thinking otherwise, there is less creativity or new works by well-known artists due to resale value and local artisans can’t afford the luxury to create such work that can attract them decent remuneration or good enough platform to sell. Hence we insist on the role of Media, as Arts and Culture too deserve a significant space.

Why Media and not traditional marketing?

Media can help to get them noticed with their target audience and larger availability both in physical & digital form. Its cost-effective for the artisans as the media will provide them space basis upon excellence and strong message their creation provides. Though the young generation is all about digital and social, yet traditional media holds a huge space and marketing. Whereas, it’s very hard to get buyers and good enough marketers to get them an elusive platform to showcase their work, skill, promise & grit for their livelihood. On the other hand, once they get a decent media outlook, it impresses other teams to follow and find out their inspiring stories to write about as indirect marketing to reach a larger audience.

Unlike all, Arts and Culture too deserve a significant space in Media, because it can help them rise, grow, earn a better livelihood. A small feature or inspiring story will inspire an artist to do better; they get indirect buyers & marketers. As its being said that media plays a huge role even in Bollywood with different stories being created, the unspoken & unseen world is shown the same is with sports, politics, and others.

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We all understand that at this current juncture media also has their own challenges with high printing costs, ad-space, and marketing budgets too, but I believe if not regular a dedicated page to Art, Artists, the dying creativity with high cultural value, their importance, impact & facts, irrespective of the PRs contribution should be there to try helping them with some strong foundation they have been providing this community.

In my personal experience of a debate hosted by one of the leading media houses, an Editor in Chief of a renowned channel mentioned about the audiovisual impact value & messaging is not so clear as well as the lack of communication about these eventful larger than life extravaganzas. At certain point I’m in agreement to his point of view on audiovisual impact, yet I as an individual think there’s a larger picture and impact possible if the think tank provides timeline, efforts & creative point of view to showcase, unlike a big & largest effort is being put for political, glamour, sports subjects.

With media providing the significant space and experiment with creative content, connect with the audience & their readers/viewers it will not just help the community but help them find a sponsor, investors or media buyers such as quite a few Theatres, Lit Fests, Art Fairs, and local bazaars. Since many private and non-government organizations are organizing the exhibitions, mela etc it will help & excite them too to come-up with real art, handicrafts, cultural heritage properties, it might help to get Government nod as well seeing the huge participation and media value to such properties.

Note: This article has been contributed by Shailesh K. Nevatia, a communication specialist for over a decade. Currently, he is a Chief Consultant at Grandeavour Communication. 


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