Huami Amazfit HomeStudio is a home gym for the busy

Where technology meets fitness

Huami Amazfit HomeStudio; Huami

Home fitness is the need of the hour. People are so busy that they don’t have time to hit the gym or engage in physical activities to ensure fitness. This is where technology comes in – it makes (or tries to, at least) staying in shape as easy as possible. One such product that aims to achieve the same is the Huami Amazfit HomeStudio. As the name suggests, it is the product of the collaboration of Chinese wearable-manufacturer Huami and fitness-entertainment company Studio. It is launched in Las Vegas at the CES.

Huami Amazfit HomeStudio features

There are two parts to the Huami Amazfit HomeStudio.

First is a premium treadmill capable of 20 km/h running and up to 7 degrees incline. It comes with huge training bars on either side, which are strong enough to do dips and other physical activities.


The second part is a 43-inch HD display (which resembles like a huge smartphone) placed in portrait orientation. It comes with an in-built JBL surround sound system. It is there to motivate and entertain the runner and guide them to select and perform from a range of pre-designed exercise sessions. These lessons range from sculpting and stretching to yoga, with a total of around a thousand predefined workouts. The display can be controlled via a dedicated smartphone app.

There is also a 3D Time-of-Flight camera sensor attached to the unit. It tracks body movements and forms, then analyses the data to provide suggestions and feedback on how to improve and achieve correct postures.

The whole setup interacts with Amazfit’s various fitness wearables and heart-rate monitoring devices.

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Pricing and availability

Pricing and availability details for the Huami Amazfit HomeStudio are yet to be announced.


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