LG and Samsung smart fridges have AI

Cooking will no more be a chore


LG and Samsung are making the kitchen ‘smart’ this CES by introducing smart refrigerators. The idea is to make food preparation easy and convenient with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

LG InstaView

The new fridges from LG come with a 22-inch transparent touch-enabled display. This provides a window-like view into the contents of the refrigerator without opening the door. The touch panel can be used to browse the internet to search for recipes or watch coking videos. The fridges have a dedicated Wi-Fi connection.

LG InstaView ThinQ

The LG InstaView ThinQ model deploys AI to maintain real time inventory by tracking the items being placed in or removed out of the refrigerator. The fridge then recommends meals to be cooked based on what is available, thus clearing the daily dilemma regarding what to cook. It also notifies when the fridge is low on items.

The AI also alerts when there is an unusual temperature rise, or when one or more components are due for a replacement.

Quoting Dan Song, president of the LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company,

“Our goal at CES 2020 is to show what’s possible in tomorrow’s kitchens with LG InstaView refrigerators and AI. With technology quickly transforming boring white boxes into exciting machines that can create craft ice, plan dinner and create shopping lists, our advanced refrigerators with ThinQ are designed for customers who appreciate any help they can get in the kitchen.”

Another LG model, which has already been released in the States, will also be showcased. It has a built-in ice maker that produces ice balls instead of cubes (2-inch diameter). The ice spheres are said to melt slower when compared to their tradition cubical cousins. This model is expected to roll out to other markets in 2020.

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Samsung Family Hub

The latest Samsung Family Hub refrigerator aims to reduce meal preparation time. Cameras, backed with AI, scan the refrigerator’s contents and the system curates a week-long meal plan based on the information. It also ensures to respect the dietary preferences set by the users and helps prepare shopping lists based on the available inventory.

Samsung Family Hub 2020

The door is fitted with an interactive screen. Users can leave notes on it for other family members to read and act, thus eliminating the traditional way of using sticky notes to achieve the purpose. It can also be used to share photographs and video files from the smartphone to the refrigerator. Content mirroring from televisions and music streaming from app-based services is also possible.

Quoting John Herrington, Senior VP, GM of Home Appliances, Samsung Electronics America,

“In the five years since we launched Family Hub, we have introduced innovations that reflect the new ways that busy, modern families are managing their daily lives. The latest Family Hub is the most innovative yet, with more personalized, intelligent features that enable busy families to stay better connected to one another.”


None of the brands have revealed the prices of their smart refrigerators. The devices will be on display at CES 2020 in Las Vegas.


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