Samsung AirDresser refreshes clothes without washing

Doubles up as a moisture extractor

Samsung AirDresser; Samsung

The general consensus on doing laundry involves using a combination of detergent and water in a certain proportion in the washing machine. But if the clothes just need a bit of a refresh, there is no quicker way to do that. This is where the Samsung AirDresser comes in.


Samsung AirDresser features

The home appliance comes fitted with a touch-sensitive LCD panel on the outside. Inside, there is room for three jackets and as many pairs of trousers. It is designed to run overnight, and produces almost no sound as to disturb someone’s sleep.


The device also features portable water containers for steam generation, thus avoiding the need for any external plumbing.

How does it work?

Samsung AirDresser uses air and steam to sanitize and freshen up the clothes placed inside it.

  1. The garments are hung inside the device.
  2. Blasts of air are deployed to loosen and remove the dust particles. 
  3. High pressure steam attacks allergens and bugs.
  4. The clothes are dried at low temperature.

There is also a deodorizing filter, which prevents unpleasant smells from food, tobacco, or sweat from building up while the device is in use. The appliance cleans itself via a combination of air, heat, and steam.


It also doubles up as a moisture extractor from the air in the room it is placed in.

Quoting Jennifer Song, VP of the Digital Appliances Business at Samsung Electronics,

“Samsung is once again elevating modern life by transforming how we care for our clothes at home, giving consumers more freedom to spend their time doing things they want to do. AirDresser is Samsung’s response to consumer demand for more dynamic performance from even basic appliances, providing an easy and effective home solution to meet their needs for clean clothes that smell fresh, are germ free and look neat.”

Samsung AirDresser availability

The appliance was first launched in Korea in 2018. It was then showcased at IFA the previous year, and is already on sale around the globe.

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