SHARP debuts smart home appliances in India

Sharp, sharp smart home products

SHARP has announced a series of smart home appliances for the India. The company intends to strengthen its presence in the Home Appliances and Air Purification segment in the country, with these launches. The ranges of Smart Home Appliances include Twin Cooker, Superheated Steam Oven and Bread Maker, etc.

Functionality and Features:

Healsio Superheated Oven: SHARP Healsio combines the convenience and efficiency of a microwave, the versatility of convection oven, and the unique technology of Superheated Steam to help you enjoy the joys of cooking, without affecting flavour or nutrition.

Sharp, sharp smart home products

Bread Maker: This latest fully automatic product from SHARP can help in making different types of dough from traditional Indian Roti to French bread and is fully automatic. SHARP Bread Maker boasts of an LCD Control Display Screen with 12 Program Menus making it a one of a kind product in its category.

Sharp, sharp smart home products

Twin Cooker: 

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Pricing and Availability of Sharp Smart Home Products in India:

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