Get flawless glow on your skin with this luxurious skincare experience

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A good skin is a dream for everyone. We spend plenty of efforts and money as well to get or retain good skin but still fail to get the right solution to get the best result. But now, you need not to worry about that now; as we bring you the right product for you that would definitely help you get the best skin tone you ever thought.

Nutrispa, Nature inspired skincare brand has been curated to bring to you a luxurious skincare experience. Nutrispa is a blend of essential ‘Nutrition’ along with the calming effects of the ‘Spa’ on the skin. This fusion of therapeutic nourishment will bring healthy and flawless glow on your skin. The products have been formulated with the purity of plant extracts to reinstate the purity of Herbs and Ayurveda. The product range of Nutrispa has been curated after years of extensive Research and Development to cure skin related problems.

Nutrispa has recently introduced its Dermalight Serum in the Liquorice and Mulberry Range that has been curated to lighten the skin tone and reduce the appearance of spots and blemishes.

The Nutrispa Dermalight Serum is a premium serum that seeps into the skin and leaves incredible effects on the skin. The unique combination of Liquorice and Mulberry brightens the skin while reducing the tan and unwanted dark spots. This serum effectively reduces the blemishes on the skin. This serum helps in achieving flawless skin like never before.

This high performance product is completely non-greasy which is enriched with brightening extracts that alleviate the skin tone. The ingredients like Aqua, Mulberry Extracts, Glycyrrhiza Glabra Extracts, Paeonia Suffruticosa Root Extracts, Scutellaria Baicalensis Extracts and Saxifrage Sarmentosa Extracts help in lightening the skin tone. It brightens and brings out the inner glow for indelible radiance.

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This Serum comes in a golden packaging with Rose gold that is very beautiful and inviting. This product is free from chemicals, parabens and sulphate which have been formulated with pureness and sheerness of the natural ingredients.


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