How to remove Sun Tan from Face and Skin

Representational Image/ Source: Instagram-Lisa Haydon

Sun tan is a common problem faced by everyone especially during holidays when the skin falls darker due to exposure to sun. If you are really pissed-off due to sun tan and want an even skin tone even while travelling, here is a perfect solution for you. With the help of this product, you will not have to worry anymore spending long time out in sun or at a beach.

Oshea Herbals, an herbal beauty and personal care brand has introduced its new Radiance D-Tan Face Scrub which has the goodness of Aloe Vera and Grape Fruit Extracts to get rid of the unwanted suntan on the skin. It is suitable for all skin types.

Radiance D-Tan Face Scrub is an Ultra-Pure Face Scrub which is Paraben, Preservative, Silicon and Mineral Oil-free and which has been made with the help of botanical extracts like Licorice, Grape Fruit and actives like Arbutin. These ingredients remove tanning, exfoliate dead skin cells and remove dirt from the skin. It also eliminates white and blackheads and minimizes open pores, making the skin brighter, fairer and younger.

This scrub is specifically developed with a blend of herbal ingredients which works as anti-tan and holistically detoxifies the skin.

In addition to that, this Face Scrub is integrated into a flip tube which is very enticing. It renews and replenishes the epidermal layer of the skin for it to be glowing, even-toned and brightened every day.


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