Attention Riders: Riding two-wheeler wearing sandals, chappals might get you Rs 1000 Challan


After creating pressure among the riders recently with the strict implementation of the new and increased penalties for breaking traffic rules nationwide, the government is not at all in a mood to stop enforcing new laws for traffic rules. And now, according to a new traffic rule that has been enforced, riders of two-wheeler with gear cannot drive their vehicle wearing ‘chappals’ or ‘sandals’. If you are caught doing so, you will have to pay a fine of Rs 1,000.

However, this rule is not new but have existed even before the amendments to the Motor Vehicles Act was done, but now the traffic police personnel have been directed to implement the rule strictly. The major reason behind enforcing the rule is that chappals or flip-flops can create trouble in changing the gears or even lead to loss of grip on the road that can result in a slip. So, it’s very important for two-wheeler riders to adhere to the safety guidelines in order to avoid any sort of mishap.

Though, this rule would be slightly difficult in imposing in the rural areas in comparison to the metro cities and urban areas of the country.

Recently, the fines related to traffic offences have been increased significantly under the amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act. Moreover, in few cases, the amount has even crossed up to 10 times the original fine. The revised Motor Vehicle Act was implemented across India with effect from September 1st. The revised act is getting mixed responses from the public.

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