British Robotic Firm offers to Pay Rs 92 Lakhs to let them put Your Face On Robots

You'll get £100,000 pounds or approx. Rs 92 lakhs if you agree to share your face with thousands of Humanoids.

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British engineering and manufacturing startup Geomiq is looking out for people who would be interested in being the face of a new “state-of-the-art humanoid” it’s been working on for an unnamed company.

Further details on the project and company name are not revealed as Geomiq is under a non-disclosure agreement with the designer and his investors.

The company made a public appeal through a blog post on its official website which quotes “The company is searching for a ‘kind and friendly’ face to be the literal face of the robot once it goes into production. This will entail the selected person’s face being reproduced on potentially thousands of versions of the robots worldwide.”

The company also said it would pay a substantial amount of £100,000 i.e. approx. Rs 92 lakhs to license the rights to the right face if things gets finalized.

“Obviously, this is not our usual remit of request, which is why we’re making this public appeal to try and find the right person. The designer knows that this is a big deal, and has agreed a fee of £100,000 to license the rights to the right face,” the blog post adds.

The blog post also added that the privately-funded company’s objective behind making these robots is to deploy them as a ‘virtual friend’ for elderly people. The production of these “state-of-the-art humanoid” robots will go into production next year.

The firm has been working on this project development for five years now and has been funded by a number of independent VCs as well as a top fund based in Shanghai.

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Though, the offer looks quite fascinating but there are other risks involves like if any accidental data theft happens, the results can be terrible. This is the reason, the company has put a warning saying “We know that this is an extremely unique request, and signing over the licenses to your face is potentially an extremely big decision.”

So, what do you think about the offer now? Would you still want your face to have 1000 copies on Robots?  – IN or OUT?

If INCLICK HERE – to Apply.


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