Volocopter VoloDrone can transport heavy payloads

Can carry up to 200 kg over 40 km

Volocopter VoloDrone; Volocopter

Volocopter VoloDrone is the latest drone announced by the Munich based firm. The idea is to be able to lift and transport heavy loads of various shapes and sizes.

Volocopter VoloDrone design


The Volocopter VoloDrone essentially uses the same technology deployed in their commercial people-carrying aircrafts, but for cargo this time. It is fully electric and is equipped with 18 rotors. The two-seater cabin is replaced by a body which contains the removable lithium-ion battery pack and other electronic mechanisms. The airframe is built around the body. The body is fitted with a hooked rail attachment system to carry payloads.

Volocopter VoloDrone performance

The drone comes with a maximum payload capacity of 200 kg. The battery is strong enough to carry the loads over 40 km on a single charge.

The hooking mechanism can carry customized equipment. It could be a net, a sling, or large containers. This ensures the diverse nature of the Volocopter VoloDrone to be able to deliver heavy logistics payloads, lift heavy construction materials, or perform crop spraying.


Quoting Florian Reuter, CEO of Volocopter,

“Our core business remains Urban Air Mobility and the transportation of passengers. However, the technological platform of the Volocopter can bring outstanding value to a variety of additional applications. With the VoloDrone, Christophe and his team are bringing the benefits of Volocopter technology to the logistics, agriculture, infrastructure, and public services space. It expands our leading position in sustainable, fully electric eVTOLs to a host of new applications.”

Pricing and availability

With short test flights successfully completed in Germany, the drone is expected to be available soon for purchase. That is when we can also expect news about its market price.

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